Who we are

The audiovisual language institute was founded in 1965 and is one of the leading language schools in the area. We are a language school for adults, which is specialized in teaching the German language to foreign language speakers. We teach German to people used to an academic environment as well as those not used to it on all levels and enable the participants to acquire written and spoken language skills that are needed for professional and everyday life. Furthermore, we offer English, French, Spanish and Italian courses. The AVS is an independent institute that is run under the private sector and is open to people of all backgrounds, independent of religious and political beliefs. We are in close collaboration with the canton, the community and social institutions in order to achieve an efficient and successful integration of people speaking a foreign language.


The range of services we offer includes class- and private lessons as well as language training and further education for companies and institutions, which can be held both internally at our school and externally at companies. There are courses aimed at learning languages as well as courses that strengthen, broaden or improve language skills. The offer addresses adults at all levels from beginners to advanced stages with a general learning program or a more specialized area of focus, as well as for the preparation for internationally recognized, official diplomas.

Our learning content and goals

Our teachers are highly qualified and teach in their own mother tongue. We teach our participants oral and written language skills that can be applied to everyday life as well as for professional life. We consider cultural aspects so that the students can be integrated successfully. All our courses assume an active participation and regular attendance.


The AVS language institute offers a qualified, individual consultation, a positive learning environment as well as an optimal framework for learning a language and establishing language skills for everyday life and working life. This is achieved by using a well balanced, goal oriented and practice oriented teaching program. The classes should play a vital role in the integration process.


The courses offered and the teaching programs are well adapted to the needs and interests of our target audience. The learning content is taught by course leaders with a high level of professional, personal and social competence in groups that are graded according to their ability.


We view the quality assurance, team development and the continuous adaptation to market demands as well as the educational, methodological and social developments as part of our responsibility.

TELC – Examination Centre

AVS Baden AG is a licensed examination centre for examinations in the European Language Certificate telc (telx language tests) series. All telc – examinations for German as a foreign language from levels A1 to C1 are conductet internally through our school several times per year. Exact dates are available on request.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]